Vegan Donuts Now Available At Doughology

You can now get vegan donuts at Doughology
Enjoy vegan donuts at Doughology

New York’s famous donut shop Doughology has added vegan donuts to their menu.

For a long time, excellent baked goods, like donuts and cakes, have been the exclusive domain of non-vegan products. To bake certain products, you need to use eggs or milk to get the desired consistency. There’s usually no way to replace them with a vegan alternative without sacrificing a level of quality and flavor.

Vegan donuts on Wednesdays and Saturdays at all locations

Doughology is serving vegan donuts at all their locations on Wednesdays and Saturdays. There are six mouth-watering flavors on offer. This includes Chocolate and Peanuts, Cinnamon Sugar, and Blueberry Chocolate Sprinkle, and more. Personally, we’re excited about Blueberry Chocolate Sprinkle, that sounds great!

The price of the donuts is $2.50 per donut, $13.00 for half a dozen, or $24.00 for a full dozen. And the donuts are delicious enough to be worth it! Going forwards, vegan options may be available more days of the week, depending on how well they do. 

The origins of Doughology

Doughology opened first in January 2016, headed up by the husband and wife team of Chris and Jackie Stiansen. Their vision was to serve delicious, fresh donuts every day. Their create-your-own donut bar is the first of it’s kind.

Vegans can now also get in touch with their creative sides and join in! You can make your own vegan donut. Choose from a range of vegan-friendly offerings: vegan dough, vegan frosting, and vegan toppings are all on offer. 

Our Vegan Thoughts

This is a very exciting development! We love food, and it’s wonderful to see more and more vegan alternatives available everywhere. From plant-based types of milk being available in most chain coffee shops, to vegan cheese being available in most pizzerias. 

One area that has been a little lacking since the beginning of the vegan revolution is vegan desserts or treats. The challenge is being vegan is that one can only go so long without a delicious sweet treat!

Many a vegan has probably walked past a donut shop and fantasized about going in and buying half a dozen. That fantasy can now become a possibility, especially if you live near a Doughology location. Book Wednesdays and Saturdays into your diary, you won’t be disappointed.