Plant Junkie: A New Line of Vegan Ranch Dressings Coming Soon!

Vegan ranch dressing
Vegan ranch dressing

Are you looking for the perfect vegan ranch dressing? Look no further. Plant Junkie, a new line of vegan salad dressings, will be released in 2020.

BetterBody Foods is a brand that’s doing everything they can to change the way people think about plant-based food. Known for its vegan condiments, the brand will be releasing a new product line called Plant Junkie. This will be a range of vegan salad dressings including several flavors of vegan ranch dressing.

The brand’s aim is to encourage everyone to become healthier by making better food choices. This includes vegans and non-vegans alike. Plant Junkie is set to do just that!

Five types of vegan ranch dressing

The Plant Junkie line will offer five different types of ranch dressing and two new vinaigrettes. The ranch dressings are made with avocado oil and the vinaigrettes are made with expeller-pressed canola oil.

We love avocados here at Vegan Adventure, so we’re especially excited to try the ranch dressings! We reckon that they’ll be the perfect accompaniment to our Vegan Chicken Fries or Vegan Cauliflower Buffalo Wings!

Vegan Chicken Fries

New flavor-filled vegan spreads

For those who like to bring new flavors to their vegan wraps, dips, and sandwiches, the Plant Junkie line will also include a spread selection. You can choose between regular or chipotle lime as well as avocado or canola oil.

Plant Junkie’s delicious dips and sauces will be hitting the (virtual) shelves of and in March. You will also find Plant Junkie on real shelves in select stores throughout 2020.

The whole Plant Junkie range is dairy, egg, soy, nut, and gluten-free. This means that allergy sufferers can enjoy the new product line. Of course, it will also appeal to vegans and those who want to add more vegan products to their diets.

Speaking of vegan diets: Sales in the plant-based products’ market have grown 11% in the past year. This means that more and more plant-based products, like Plant Junkie, are sure to be hitting the shelves in the years to come. This will certainly make following a plant-based diet more accessible for all and encourage more people to become vegan.

Our vegan thoughts

These products are sure to appeal to many people worldwide: vegans and non-vegans alike. For most non-vegans, vegan food is unappealing. But, with exciting and healthy plant-based condiments and salad dressings from companies like BetterBody Foods, this will soon change.

The Plant Junkie range will not only serve to bring more energy and flavor to vegan dishes, but they will also open the door to plant-based products for many who would usually not even consider it. For example, if dedicated meat-eaters have access to delicious salad dressings such as the new ranch flavors, they will most likely add a salad or two to their daily diets. This will increase the demand for more vegan products like Plant Junkie, as well as the demand for plant-based products as a whole. This is wonderful news for vegans and our planet!