Leading Gelato Brand Launches New Vegan Desserts

Coconut chocolate cookie vegan dessert from Talenti
Coconut chocolate cookie vegan dessert from Talenti

Take vegan desserts to a new level with Talenti ® Gelato & Sorbetto’s new dairy-free flavor: Coconut Chocolate Cookie Layer.

Compared to other ice cream brands, Talenti is the best-selling gelato brand in the United States. They are releasing brand new vegan desserts, including two new Sorbettos, and an addition to their Layers line.

Vegan Dessert lover’s dream: Dairy-Free Coconut Chocolate Cookie

The new Layers flavor is Dairy-Free Coconut Chocolate Cookie, which definitely sounds delicious! We love coconut here at Vegan Adventures, so this sure sounds like a decadent sweet treat to add to your next dessert round.

New dairy-free layer from Talenti
Talenti® Gelato & Sorbetto
introduces their first dairy-free Layers flavor:
Coconut Chocolate Cookie

Inspired by coconut macaroons, this is the first-ever dairy-free Talenti Layers flavor. The new vegan dessert is made from coconuts from the Philippines. It showcases a delicious list of ingredients. This includes coconut sorbetto, dairy-free hot fudge, oat crisps, and chocolate cookie pieces. It’s suitable for a vegan diet as it contains no animal byproducts. From the sounds of it, it’s sure to be delicious!

Two new dairy-free flavors – pure vegan dessert bliss!

Talenti has also released two new dairy-free flavors. Made from the finest ingredients, the two flavors are Strawberry Hibiscus and Dark Chocolate. 

Dairy-free sorbetto flavors
The latest dairy-free offerings
from Talenti® Gelato & Sorbetto include
Strawberry Hibiscus and Dark Chocolate.

The Strawberry Hibiscus sorbetto is steeped with hibiscus flowers to give it a unique flavor profile and a beautiful color. Strawberries and real hibiscus flowers are blended together in order to achieve a deliciously sweet dairy-free sorbetto.

The dark chocolate flavor is reportedly very creamy and smooth. So much so that you might struggle to believe it’s dairy-free! This luxurious sorbetto is made using cocoa and a dairy-free chocolate sauce.

Recycled reusable packaging

Talenti uses recycled plastic for their containers. The containers are clear and reusable. Next time you make your own vegan ice cream, you have a container to use!

Using recycled plastic means that Talenti expects to save 2,823 tons of unused plastic per year! That’s enough plastic to make a line from NYC to Florence, Italy. This kind of sustainable approach to packaging is something we can definitely get behind!

All Talenti Layers and Sorbettos (including the vegan flavors) are available across the US in a wide variety of stores at a recommended retail price of between $4.99 and $6.49.

Our vegan thoughts

This type of approach to vegan products is something that we always love to see. Not only is the brand making use of recycled plastic that will help the world’s pressing plastic waste issue, but it’s also producing products that put flavor before their vegan nature.

In the past, finding a delicious vegan ice cream that’s creamy was challenging. It’s only in recent years that we’ve seen vegan alternatives become tastier. This improvement has been because companies have stopped releasing vegan products as a token effort, and have instead released them as genuinely delicious products that even non-vegans may choose to eat.

We certainly hope that this trend continues and that we’ll soon be able to get even more delicious vegan ice cream, gelato, and sorbets wherever we go.