Introducing the Fisker Ocean: Electric SUV With Vegan Interior

Vegan-friendly interior
Vegan interior of the Fisker Ocean

Fisker is set to launch a new electric SUV in 2022: the Fisker Ocean – the world’s most sustainable vehicle. The company is driven by a desire to make a sustainable future available to us all, and perhaps they’ve been able to take us one step closer with this car.

Eco-friendly electric SUV with a vegan interior

The car is not only planet-friendly due to its lack of a fossil-fuel based engine, but all the interior components are also recycled and sustainable. For example, the seats in the car — designed for optimal comfort and space — are entirely vegan, along with the rest of the interior.

The carpets are made from recycled fishing nets and plastic bottles collected from the world’s oceans. This means that by using this car, not only would you be helping to cut down on the planet’s emissions, you would also be contributing towards the plastic problem.

Fisker Ocean with Vegan interior
Photo credit: Fisker

Convenient fast charging at any station

The Fisker Ocean makes use of a CCS Type 2 Combo plug, which has 150kW charging capability. This means that the vehicle can charage at any stations which use technology up to spec with the latest in international standards.

The vehicle is equipped with a state-of-the-art battery, which boasts a capacity of more than 80kWh. That much charge means a lot of distance is covered on a single charge: up to 300 miles!

While the exact range of the car will depend on driving conditions on a given day, you can always pull over to charge extremely quickly. The vehicle’s battery will go from 15% charged to 80% charged in just half an hour. That’s quicker than most cell phones!

The vehicle will be recognized by Electrify America’s charging stations. This means that charging will be simple. Payments will be automatic and the charging cable can be automatically released. Electrify America’s 150kW chargers can charge vehicles with certain hardware at a rate of up to twenty miles per minute.

Our Vegan Thoughts

Veganism, while concentrating on the consumption of animals, is also a sustainability-based mindset. This may lead to the question: “Outside of the food I eat, what more can I do to help the environment?” Opting to use an electric car is one of the ways that you can help the planet. As tech is improving, this is becoming a viable option for many.

There are no two ways about it, electric cars such as the Fisker Ocean are simply more sustainable. It is possible to produce electricity in a sustainable manner, and then used to power cars through charging stations. This is certainly better than our current petrol cars that use up fossil fuels and contribute to climate change.

Of course, there are other ways to reduce your emissions footprint in the modern world. For example, you could carpool, take public transport, or even walk. Reducing your carbon footprint in this way is definitely in keeping with the vegan mindset of sustainability.

So, perhaps the next time you need to run an errand, pair it with another in order to reduce your carbon footprint for each individual thing you do.