How to Become Vegan in 3 Simple Steps

How to become vegan
How to become vegan? It's easy

Do you want to take the leap to become vegan but feel unsure of how? Make the transition easy by following these three simple steps!

So, you’ve missed the chance of jumping on the Veganuary bandwagon this year, but your interest in adopting a kinder lifestyle hasn’t waned yet.

If you’ve looked for information on how to become a vegan before committing to making the switch, you’ll know how challenging and overwhelming research can be. In this article, we’ll cover the basics to help you start off on a firm foundation.

You might be tempted to go back to your old habits before being able to reap all the benefits that come with taking the pledge to live a cruelty-free lifestyle. But the truth is, there’s never been a better time to go change.  It only takes three easy steps, one step at a time.

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Three steps to become vegan
It only takes 3 simple steps to become vegan

1.    Take the leap with the leaping bunny – choose vegan options

When researching how to become a vegan, the first thing that will usually pop up is how to transition to a fully plant-based diet. Although diet is an extremely important side of veganism, adapting to such a big lifestyle change might be a daunting task for many. This is why focusing on other areas of your life might be the easiest place to start to lead a cruelty-free lifestyle.

Plant-based beauty products
Choose plant-based beauty products

Begin by going through your toiletries and makeup

How many products do you currently own are certified cruelty-free and free from animal products? Replace your routine buys with shampoos, shower gels, lipsticks, and skincare brands that do not test on animals or contain animal products! You don’t need to immediately throw away every non-vegan product you own. When you run out of each product, buy a replacement that is plant-based and cruelty-free!

You can find a list of our favorites at Top Must-Have Vegan Beauty Brands

2.    Spring clean cruelty-free style

Go through your closet. Put all your leather, suede, wool, silk, and fur in a pile and take a look at what’s left. You’d be surprised to know how much vegan leather you own, besides all the cotton that probably makes up the majority of your wardrobe.

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You can choose whether you prefer to wear out your leather and wool or donate these items to charity. The most important part will be to stop purchasing new clothes, shoes, and accessories made from animal skin. With so many cruelty-free options available, this should be a very feasible goal for the rest of 2020.

3.    From meatless Mondays to plant-based power

Finally, we get to the most important point in your journey: changing up your diet. Unsurprisingly, this step is usually the hardest for most people, as you’ll be changing the habits of a lifetime. You’ll need to make different meal choices at least three times a day, every single day.

But, don’t worry! It won’t be as hard as you think. An easy way for new vegans to begin to transition is to eat the same things they already eat but using animal-friendly options instead! Mince and spaghetti, then good news! Plant-based meat options are available in most grocery stores. Do you eat toast in the morning? Buy a vegan bread or make your own! Top that with non-dairy butter or margarine.

Here are a few options that you might like to try:

This is the easiest way to transition your body to veganism. It’ll help curb your cravings for non-vegan foods!

Vegan mince and spaghetti in a bowl.
Vegan mince and spaghetti

There’s no reason to feel overwhelmed – just take it one step at the time. Start with trying out new foods that will become your staples in time.

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Some other good options are a wider variety of beans and legumes, tofu, seitan, vegan cheese, tempeh, and nut milk options. Challenge yourself with trying a new ingredient every day, and most importantly, have fun with it!

You can also try selecting one day of the week where you make these new favorite foods the stars of your meals, leaving all meat, fish, dairy, and eggs behind.

Take the challenge up a notch by eating fully vegan three days a week, until you reach the point when you are comfortable eating plant-based (at least at home) for seven days straight.

Stay calm and vegan on

Congratulations, the most challenging bit is over and it’s smooth sailing from here onwards. Don’t worry if you accidentally eat an animal product while you’re still figuring things out. It’s a process. What really matters is that you’re trying! Just stay calm and keep to your convictions one meal at a time.

If you have a family gathering coming up, you might like to bring a loaf or two of freshly baked bread and some vegan butter. Try this Easy Homemade Vegan Bread Recipe.

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A life-changing journey

Transitioning to a vegan diet and lifestyle might turn out to be a life-changing experience. Now that you know what to do, the rest is up to you – a good place to start is: What Can Vegans Eat?